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Ionics Energy are leading the way in solar panel installations and commercial energy efficiency solutions in Cairns and Adelaide.

Why Choose Ionics Energy?

Locally Based

Ionics Energy is based locally with our head office in Cairns and Adelaide.

Best Prices on Solar and Batteries Guaranteed

Looking to save money on your power bills? You’re in the right spot. We will help you get some great cost savings.

Qualified Installers

We only use qualified and trusted solar installers in both South Australia and Queensland.

Our Solar Systems

We source premium, high efficiency panels from around the world. From our entry level options to our premium Tier 1 products, you can take peace of mind knowing your investment will be of the highest possible quality.

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Solar Power Services

Battery Backup / Off Grid

Battery backup is here. We have real-life experience in this field and can give you true, honest advice on getting off-grid or having a battery to supplement your solar power.

LED Lighting

L.E.D Lighting could save you thousands of dollars a year from your power bill. On average an L.E.D bulb will use 80% less power than a standard globe. Ionics Energy stocks all types of bulb replacements.

Air Conditioning

Energy efficient air-conditioners are just a part of Ionics Energies home efficiency range. Get a quote today!

Solar Panel Installation

Ionics Energy are industry leaders in solar power using high efficiency panels, and industry leading inverters for all types of Australian homes.

Commercial Solutions

Simply installing solar on a commercial building doesn’t always result in the expected savings. We package multiple efficiency products such as power factor correction, solar and lighting to create efficient energy practices for your business.

Solar Hot Water

Convert your electric system over to Solar hot water and save with generous government rebates.