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Local Aussies, helping Aussies.
Energy efficiency is all we do, that’s why were the best.

Ionics Energy was founded by Ryan and Dimitri from Adelaide, South Australia. Their team, with over 10 year combined experience in the electrical and solar industry are fast becoming recognised as Australia’s leading choice for solar and power saving devices.
They are passionate young business leaders, respected in the industry.
The company has grown nationally with head offices in North Queensland and South Australia.

OUR Team


Dimitri Ninos

Managing Director

Dimitri, Co-founder of Ionics Energy has many years of experience in the solar industry. He has seen many companies come and go, and believes what drives Ionics success is honest service and value to the customer. Dimitri focuses on Operations within Ionics and manages our customer support systems.


Phil Degennero

Senior Sales

Phil is our most senior sales representative with over 6 years industry experience. Phil is a peoples person and loves talking with customers to best understand their requirements. He is most knowledgeable with LED Lighting, solar systems and solar powered pool pumps.


Ryan Toth

Director, Marketing and Sales

Ryan Toth, Co-founder of Ionics Energy is passionate about renewable energy.
Ryan is actively involved in the company attending appointments and helping customers to understand how solar works, and what products will provide them the best return on their investment.


Find out why our customers love us!

2013 customer survey’s saw a 97% of our customers were willing
to recommend us to a family member or friend.

Why is that?
The answer is easy.
Quality products at the best price, but more importantly, we are there when you need us.
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