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Cairns & Greater Far North Solar Panel Installers

Cairns & Greater Far North Solar Panel Installers

North Queensland’s First Choice For Solar

Cairns and Greater Far North have some of Australia’s harshest and extreme climates. We see a lot of poor quality installations happening more frequently which poses a huge risk. Do it once, do it right with Ionics Energy.

Ionics Energy are known for our high quality solar panel installations in Cairns, no matter what our wet season throws at us.

Offices In North Queensland

Ionics Solar System Energy use local electricians from Cairns. Our master electrical installers know how important a quality solar systems installation is in Queensland and source only the highest quality solar power system components for each and every install.

Quality Solar Products

All of our solar power system products are of the highest quality including our solar energy panels, inverters and solar batteries.

Great Value Solar Systems

You may have heard that you get what you pay for, which is true, some solar energy products are often inferior, but also consider the long-term impacts to solar system companies that continuously cut corners. These are the companies that tend to come and go from the market. We combine top quality solar energy products and fantastic service with very competitive prices, whilst always doing things the right way.

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Our North Queensland Solar Products

All of our Cairns solar system products are of the highest quality and include excellent warranties for the solar panels, and the solar inverters – all perfectly suited to the harsh Cairns and greater North Queensland climate.

Tier 1 panels

25 year Performance warranty

10 year warranty inverters

North Queensland Solar Installation Process

We have a simple 5 step installation process.

Step 1

All solar systems approvals in Cairns are organised by our administration team for your convenience and your installation date booked

Step 4

Once complete, we will submit all relevant paperwork and arrange for your new solar meter to be installed

Step 2

Our Clean Energy Council Accredited installers will reconfirm the perfect solar system panel placement as per our accredited designs

Step 5

Ergon will come and connect your new meter. Then you’re ready to start enjoying the savings from your new high performance solar system

Step 3

They then install the system mounting, panels, wiring and inverter which usually takes half a day

Our Solar Partners

We have access to wide range of solar providers, so we will find the perfect system for your home.